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Personal web log of Donovan Burns Gentleman Haruspex. Resident of Salt Lake, Utah (and sometimes Las Vegas). Concerns mostly humor, science, photography, and art matters. My original work can be found here: latest & earliest.
Sep 29 '14


It’s Beep Man!!! 

Please watch the demonstration video:

and give it a vote here:

Sep 26 '14

We don’t have much property but assholes act like if there’s some scrub oak then it’s public open dumping ground. I just caught a dude who walked up to one of our outbuildings and started pissing on it, and he had a truck bed full of shit so I’m very sure he was going to heave it off when he was done. So I walk outside screaming to him “wtf r u doin?” and he had the nerve to act hurt that I interrupted him and was being mean. Fucking nerve of these rednecks.

Sep 25 '14

Hey everybody, Trust (the guy from Austra) is playing at Urban Lounge tonight.


Sep 24 '14

Ok here’s what you need to do, first you need to clear your schedule, secondly you need to be sitting down and make sure one can walk in on you, thirdly you probably shouldn’t operate heavy machinery for the next month or even year.

Sep 24 '14
I’m in a state of both boredom and unproductivity. #rilakkuma is my avatar


I’m in a state of both boredom and unproductivity. #rilakkuma is my avatar


Sep 23 '14

I made gifs

Sep 22 '14


Sep 21 '14
Sep 20 '14

I have gone mad with smoking madness

/edit: update

No photo but after taking off the steaks I sliced a couple tomatoes and peaches in half and put them over the coals.

Sep 17 '14

Anonymous asked:

I do wack shit because I'm afraid to do my own thing but want it to look like I'm doing my own thing anyway and I'm scared as fuck.


That actually makes sense.